Our Mission : Offering You The Expert Experience You Need

At Each Step Of Your Projects.

Lightning protection systems, Inter Systemes E.M.C expertise and consulting, 3D design Softwares
High End Oversurge protection systems
3D CAD softwares for Designer and industry

A Reliable Partner At Your Service :


Cobright is a French company located in the south east of Paris France.


The company was born in march 2004 when it’s actual C.E.O left a big well known World Group in order to get some more freedom to open new way of close relationship with Customers and Partners.


Cobright is well known for having a high end pro active service and close human relationship with customers and suppliers.


This kind of behavior is exactly what a big group is not able to handle .


We trust that Business should be a way to consider each other as human beings sharing skills and partnership.



Each Client Is A V.I.P :


We are particularely focused in finding solutions to help our Clients to be succesfull to complete their challenges. We offer  close parnership and high end services as VIP 7/7 days Email support...


Two Domains Of Expertise:


Cobright has 2 divisions  :


E.M.C * and lightning protection :


This is our historical activity based on more than 20 years experience in inter-systems E.M.C for civilian and military purpose.



3D Softwares for  Product Design and Mechanical Engineering:


Designing  E.M.P * or lightning protection systems require to use 3D modeling tools.


We noticed that 3D CAD systems are expensive and difficult to learn so we built strong partnership in order to supply innovative and powerfull solutions to cover almost all 3D Design challenges in the Product Design Industry


We selected a range of 3D Softwares which reply to the triple constraint:


  • Competitive Price
  • Very Productive Workflow
  • Easy To Learn


This approach was very succesfull and Software Division became our main activity since 2008.






* E.M.C : Electro Magnetic Compatibility

  E.M.P   : Electro Magnetic Pulse